George Kittle Analyzes the 49ers Offense after Week 16 Loss

George Kittle Postgame Press Conference vs Bears

The 49ers tight end evaluated the offense's performance after the team's 14-9 loss to Chicago and discussed battling against the Bears secondary.

Firstly, going up against this defense, did they do anything different on you that you hadn’t seen before?

“They did a really good job of using two edge guys to try to jam me every single route. If I wasn’t standing up, or if I was, they still tried to get hands on, which definitely messed with the timing of the play. Kind of gets in the way. They just did a really good job of not letting me get off the ball clean. That just messes up plays.”

What did you see on that play in the back of the end zone, the would-be touchdown from QB Nick Mullens?

“Which one?”

It looked like you were tackled a little early.

“I got to make a play on the ball. Nick gave me a chance. The defender is right there, but it’s the NFL. You’re supposed to make plays.”

The high ball, was that above your hands?

“Yeah, I probably could’ve jumped a little bit higher. Just bad timing. But, another ball that I feel like I should’ve gone up and got, but didn’t.”

Right now, this team is building for next year. Do you like the momentum carrying over and things like that?

“Yes, I feel like this team, we’ve got a lot of good building blocks. We’ve got a lot of guys in the right places. You see a group of guys out there that, we don’t care that the Bears are a playoff team, that we’re 4-10 coming into the game. We’re going to do everything we can to win every single game we play in. You’ve got to love that, 12, 13-year vet in [T] Joe Staley out there, playing his butt off every single game. You’ve got rookies out there. You’ve got second-year guys. Everyone is just playing as hard as they possibly can. We’re missing a lot of guys, and there’s a lot of guys stepping up. You’ve just got to respect it.”