Fantasy Football: Four San Francisco 49ers to consider drafting

It's that time of the year where fans start to ready up their draft board for their fantasy football season. Some players are no brainers to draft, while some are sleeper picks. I dive into which players from the San Francisco 49ers you should consider drafting.

Regular season football brings out a massive wave of excitement in football fans because they get to finally see their team back in action. While that is the main and primary reason for the excitement, there is a secondary reason for it.

It’s the return of fantasy football!

Whether you’re a defending champion or finished last, there is always that desire to continue on and establish your dynasty. Last season, there wasn’t really a legit starter for fantasy on the San Francisco 49ers.

It was just tight end George Kittle as the single bright spot. Well this year in 2019 will give way to a few players that should garner your draft selection.

Here are four 49ers to consider drafting in fantasy football:

TE George Kittle

Let’s be honest here, there really doesn’t need to be an explanation as to why you should draft tight end George Kittle onto your fantasy football team. I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory right? The guy is an absolute monster! Drafting him in the second round of your draft is the best and most likely only chance to get him since the first round usually goes to running backs.

Kittle will be a point racking machine, especially if you’re in a PPR (Points per reception) league. Now while I do think his production will take a hit from last season because of the additional talent around him, he’s still going to be an impactful player. If you want to wait until round three to snatch him, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but just know it’s a gamble by doing so.

RB Tevin Coleman

It’s no surprise as to why head coach Kyle Shanahan wanted to sign Tevin Coleman. Coleman had a significant role in Shanahan’s offense and put up numbers alongside Devonta Freeman. I expect nothing less from Coleman as he reunites with his former play caller. So far, Coleman has been the clear feature back through the offseason and training camp.

While the running back room is crowded with talent like Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida, Coleman will still see a bulk of the snaps.

Don’t forget that Coleman can gash a defense on the ground and as a receiver, which is where I believe a lot of his points will come from.Tevin Coleman could be worth a fourth round or third round pick depending on how loaded your league is. For those in PPR, Coleman will be excellent production as a RB2 and a flex. Keep him in mind once you’ve selected your first couple of picks.

QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Quarterbacks usually don’t start to getting drafted until halfway through. Some people don’t even draft one until their last few picks. When it comes to Jimmy Garoppolo he will definitely be worth a mid-round selection. The likes of Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees will be the headliners, which will make Garoppolo a sneaky draft selection.

The 49ers offense has a vast array of talent, so Garoppolo has an arsenal of weapons. One thing that is a unique common trait of all the skill players is that they all put up stellar YAC (yards after catch) numbers. The running backs will be one of the focal points in the offense which means their will be a lot of boots to them and dump offs.

That’s easy YAC numbers that translate to easy passing yards for Garoppolo. I have no doubt that the 49ers will be a top 10 offense and that will largely be because of Jimmy Garoppolo. Keep him in the back of your mind as the draft drags on because he could be a sleeper pick.

49ers D/ST

Speaking of sleeper picks, the San Francisco 49ers defense and special teams should be one that everyone keeps an eye on. The attraction is mainly because of the defense of course since the defensive front of the 49ers is stacked. They went from having just a Lone Ranger in DeForest Buckner to having the three musketeers with him, Dee Ford and Nick Bosa.

Accumulating sacks is not going to be an issue with these guys, not to mention what their additions will do for Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas. What is a drawback to drafting the 49ers defense is their secondary. They’re the achilles heel of the defense outside of Richard Sherman. However, since the 49ers have a strong concentration of talent into their front, the amount of pressures they will generate is going to be ridiculous.

Those pressures will give way to opportunities for interceptions, which the 49ers were atrocious at in that stat line. With the lack of pressure on the quarterback no longer being an issue, players in the secondary will have chances they didn’t last season. The 49ers defense is my sleeper pick of all the defenses in the league and should be considered as a draft target.

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You don't draft quarterbacks period! That's like your last couple of picks if at all.


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