Why 2019 can be the year that Solomon Thomas shines

With a revamped defensive front for the San Francisco 49ers, Solomon Thomas is poised to shine in 2019

The upcoming 2019 season for the San Francisco 49ers brings a lot of excitement. Of course, the return of Jimmy Garoppolo with a reloaded offense is generally what most will be looking forward to. But let’s not sleep on the defense either, which looks significantly better on paper. DeForest Buckner will no longer be the lonely workhorse that produces pressure. The 49ers acquired Dee Ford via trade and drafted Nick Bosa to exponentially improve the pass rush.

Watching these two play-makers together with Buckner is going to be treat. Opposing offensive linemen are going to be in for a disaster when they face this trio. However, these three stalwart players aren’t the only ones on the defensive line that will shine this season. Former first round pick Solomon Thomas can easily have a resurgent 2019 season. Since he was drafted in 2017, it hasn’t been easy for Thomas.

As a matter of fact, it has been a rather difficult uphill climb. The 49ers have struggled to get production out of him. Part of the reason is that they have been playing him out of position on the edge as opposed to inside. Not to mention his mental state hasn’t been as ambitious due to the unfortunate passing of his sister. Recently in a press conference, Thomas said he is in a good place mentally. That it’s the best he’s felt in recent memory, which means he’s going to be a one track mind this season.

He’ll have the hunger to go and get it. It’s not only his mentality that will push him to shine in 2019, it’s the stellar supporting cast around him on the defensive line. The trio I mentioned earlier will garner most of the attention, which will allow Solomon Thomas to be overlooked.

Thomas is the X-factor on the defensive line.

We should even see him play inside more now that Dee Ford and Nick Bosa will primarily hold the edge. Now I’m not saying Thomas will reach stardom this season, but he’ll definitely look rejuvenated. We won’t even be able to recognize him at times because of the plays he’ll make. Don’t sleep on Solomon Thomas because 2019 is his year to shine. 

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I agree! Thomas should see a lot of opportunities to make plays with all of those monsters they got on the d-line


Great point! Thomas could easily produce this year. Hope he does given his past.

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