Family of Book Richardson speaks on federal investigation

Book's wife: 'He feels abandoned'

A year ago today, Arizona basketball assistant Emanuel "Book" Richardson was arrested as part of a federal investigation into corruption in college basketball.

Richardson was one of four assistants across the country arrested that morning in a probe that included executives from shoe companies and financial advisers, with allegations that money illegally changed hands.

Jeff Goodman of traveled to Tucson to talk to Richardson's family. Richardson's wife, Erin, says that other than some contact from former Arizona assistant Lorenzo Romar (who was with the Wildcats just for last season), Book has not heard from head coach Sean Miller or anyone else (although there might be legal reasons for this, as well).

"Not a call, not a text, not an email," she said.

"He feels abandoned. He feels like he was deemed guilty and just thrown out with the trash before he was indicted, before this has gone to trial. And he feels like they just wanted to wash their hands of him and just go about business. And he knows, at the end of the day, this is business, but it would be nice if maybe a card would be mailed: Hey, thinking of you.

"But, no."

Richardson's trial is set for April.

Watch the full interview above.