Bryce Ros

What is going on Maven Fans! I am sorry I have not put up content in a few days. I have been having a few medical issues. I guess that's what happens when you get smacked in the head thousands of times playing football since 4th grade. Most of you surely don't know but I have had over 15 concussions in my career. Plus one bad motorcycle accident years ago (don't tell anyone).

On the good side of the news spectrum, United have won our last games since losing to the Union. Atlanta looks poised for another ATL run to the playoffs. We all are upset about our freakish striker, who broke the record for most consecutive games with a goal. The streak ended last night, but Murphy's Law always seems to rear its ugly head sometimes. Martinez went down, and its possible, but improbable for him to miss every second of the playoff picture.

Whether or not he is able to make it through this year, what he has done for Atlanta United this season has been something many of us will never see again in the MLS. It is possible but highly unlikely.

I'll have a full report on his condition tomorrow, but in the time before then, I thought I would share with all the 5 Stripe Maven's my newest Jersey, which was given to me as my birthday present from my awesome older brother Frank Ros Jr. and my wonderful Sister-in-Law Samantha Ros. I will keep adding all the content you guys are used to from me on an everyday basis.

I will also give a quick Tutorial tomorrow on different types of Jersey's, by the companies they manufactured them. I will also give you guys some tips about the differences

in the types of kits. Trust me when I say, its an important thing to think about when buying an Atlanta United Kit, or any professional kit. Check out everything tomorrow and let me know what you think!