Atlanta draw 1-1 against Motagua but the play was good from The 5 Stripes

Bryce Ros

Last night Atlanta United kicked off the 2020 season with the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Match against Motagua. There were many interesting insights into the type of team Atlanta United will be this year. Certainly many United fans took a sigh of relief given the fact that some of the moves in the offseason have been somewhat controversial. Atlanta controlled the majority of the possession throughout the game, combined with the FDB Dutch passing system which almost always sees The 5 Stripes have far more passes than their opponent.

United came out already short-handed due to injuries including our star Center-back Miles Robinson. The game went fairly well given the circumstances of the lineup issues. FDB aligned them on the pitch in the 1-3-2-4 set up, with Hyndman, Barco, and Gonzalo Martinez behind him. Larentowicz and Remedi playing the defensive midfield roles, and the back 4 consisting of Escobar, Meza, Walkes, and Adams playing the back four. The tactic appeared to work as intended despite the goal given up by United in the 34th minute.

Midfielder Roberto Moreira opened the scoring with a rocket past Guzan. After that, it seemed that the aging keeper was determined not to let anything more get past him. If there was a shining star in this game it would have to be Guzan. He seemingly has picked up where he left off last season, making saves that you just did not see him make in his days at Aston Villa. It seems that the American Keeper has found a second wind in his career and looks to be poised for another great season with Atlanta. His highlight was a diving save in the 84th minute, which saved Atlanta the win, and preserved our away goal advantage.

Although the game was not a win the draw was more than satisfying given the injury situation. Common sense says that when Motagua comes to the Kennesaw State the atmosphere will likely be like none the Honduran team has ever encountered, even at a smaller venue. It’s far too early to make huge judgments, but certainly, when Atlanta is back to full health they will be a force to be reckoned with in the MLS. Let’s go to Atlanta. Football is finally back in our incredible football-loving city.

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Bryce Ros
Bryce Ros


Thanks for pointing those out to me. I had fixed the MB one or so I thought, for whatever reason it did not update. I did the same with Gonzalo, as for the Moreira usage, as a Spaniard I know about the surname. I took it off of the box score as I try to go with what most people will recognize. Although I have since fixed that as well. I always appreciate feedback thanks so much.


Three corrections: Motagua's goalscorer was Roberto Moreira (Aldana is his mother's surname); Pity's given name is spelled Gonzalo; and the return match will be at Kennesaw State, not in the Benz.