It does not seem like Atlanta United has made enough hard moves so far yet this season. Although we have made some roster moves getting rid of Darlington Nagbe who brought so much to the table is a real shot in the gut. Although he wanted to leave which professionally should be understood by all Atlanta United fans. The overriding question so far for Atlanta is when is the exciting purchase coming?

It simply seems like Atlanta's front office has not improved the team beyond what they were last year. How can a team possibly improve off nearly winning another MLS Cup as well as two other trophies? Maybe there is something coming soon that will make more sense. It is obvious that United does not make huge purchases for extraordinary amounts of money. Perhaps this year will be different and United will attempt to purchase a large name player.

At this point, United has the ability to go to South America and recruit many young players who would love to sign a contract with the club. There is always another Martinez waiting to be discovered in the wings, and perhaps we will soon know who it is. Until then many Atlanta fans seem vexed at the clubs moves so far in this offseason. With the MLS season starting on February 29th, it would seem The Five Stripes are running out of time.