I just wanted to give a quick look at the Super Bowl highlights.

Super Bowl 2020 highlights
Super Bowl 2020 highlights

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Bryce Ros

On Super Bowl Sunday it seemed only right for me to write a brief account of the Chiefs vs. San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV. At the beginning of the first quarter, it seemed like the game would be a high scoring one, at least from the outset. The two teams' scores at the end of the first were 10-10, something that had never before been seen in the history of the game. The first half was marked by deadlocked defensive performances.

The most noticeable change in the Chief’s was the usual dominance of the offensive side of the ball, led by Mahomes. The phenomenal quarterback did not seem like his normal self throughout the game except for the QB running TD of the game.
All of this changed in the second half. When Mahomes had dug himself in deep to light the spark underneath him he seemingly needs to come from behind. After a 10 point swing by San Francisco Patrick Mahomes came to his epic composure. The young man was in the biggest game in his life, and did he step up to the challenge? I think you already know the answer to that question. With 7 minutes remaining in the game, Mahomes brought his team back from a 10 point lead.

First from a beautiful run on 2nd and 19 that his team needed a huge play on, and the young QB came in the clutch. He soon after scampered off for a 16-yard run, soon to be followed by a huge pass to Hill which put them in the red zone. After a few running plays they looked to the beast at Tight End, Kelce who scored the TD that led them to a 3 point deficient with 6:13 remaining.

The game was iced after a 3 yard Williams runs into the end zone gave the 49ers a chance to win the game with a touchdown. They could not ever regroup and win the game. They seemed stifled by losing a 10 point lead so quickly, especially when it had important interceptions during the 4th quarter. At the end of the day, this game is a testament to Kansas City, and the beastly qualities in their star, Patrick Mahomes. This was one of the best Super Bowls to watch in recent memory.