If Atlanta were willing to spend like Toronto, who would United choose?

Bryce Ros

Reviewing past postings it has come to my attention that all of you United reader’s truly have a great grasp of football. This did not surprise me of course because Atlanta is such a rich melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Being a Hispanic it’s a point of pride being a first-generation American. Football is something that comes from all parts of the earth. It’s one of the reasons why it is called “The Beautiful Game.” Another thing I notice is your loyal fans love a good debate, say for instance whether or not Trent Alexander-Arnold could come to play for Atlanta. I knew that was not possible before I wrote the article about it. Instead, now I pose this question to you knowledgeable fans. Assuming Atlanta was willing to spend a little more than what Toronto does, a little over 20,000,000, who would be the best big-name player to bring in? I’ll go ahead and make some suggestions and let the riot commence when I have posted the piece. It’s also fair to add that Toronto just paid 19.36$ million for the Spanish Beast Alejandro Pozuelo.

  1. Fernandinho**:** Okay this one actually is not that ridiculous. I looked hard and could not find a buy-out clause for him, he is 34, a strong midfielder, and would be a good replacement for Darlington Nagbe. A lot of fans I have spoken to seem to not realize what we lose in Nagbe. Although equal numbers of fans I have spoken to agree. Ferandinho would be a great fit for the team. He is South American, fits a spot we need, and has a ton of experience.

  2. 34-year old David Silva would also be a great one to take from Manchester City. He is making 17.10$ million this year by Man City, although he has played well and there would be little reason to think they would even debate getting rid of him due to how well he fits in Pep’s lineup. Still, he plays midfield and is a magician with his left foot, great passer, and a pretty decent defender. There was no buyout that I could find.

  3. Adam Lallana: I have loved Lallana since he first debuted for Liverpool. He seems like one of those players that have not been able to reach his full potential, of which he is plentiful. His contract is coming up so no buyout clause, and he would make a phenomenal addition to The Five Stripes. It almost seems like this place would actually benefit him, as he could hone his skills. With a 13$ million dollar price tag, he is certainly a large chunk less than Pozuelo.

  4. Juan Mata: Being Spanish I may be a little bias towards my Iberian brethren, however, Juan Mata still has a lot to offer to the world of soccer. Still relatively young at 31 he would fall into FDB’s system flawlessly. He has always been known as a team player and would bring boatloads of knowledge to the rest of the team. His price tag, and again, I could not find a buyout clause, is 17.10$ million.

If you think these are dumb suggestions, then please feel free to give me names that you think were more viable. I do think there is some merit to at least two of those numbers. Although United can draw nearly any player they want away from South America, it seems like some EPL or La Liga players with experience would only help to plug the huge gap left by Nagbe in the middle. The last player I will mention is Claudio Bravo. Man City is playing him very little, and as much as I love Guzan he just simply getting older, and time holds a 100% record with knockouts.