Liverpool are looking more and more like the best team in the history of the EPL

Norwich City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/15/2020 | NBC Sports
Norwich City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/15/2020 | NBC Sports

Sadio Mane struck off the bench to grab a late victory for Liverpool at Carrow Road, keep the Reds unbeaten and continue their march toward the Premier Leagu...

Bryce Ros

Liverpool F.C had a closer game against the bottom of the league Norwich City on Monday. Playing at the home of the Canaries is always a difficult proposition being that Carrow Road is a very recognized ground in England, and the fans are always lively. It was a good contest, and quite frankly Liverpool did show some holes that seemingly have not existed yet this season. Of course, by the end of the game, it was the same walk evermore seemingly ending with Liverpool not only undefeated but unquestionably the best team in the history of the EPL.

The game was relatively slow for the first 10 minutes until a brilliant ball over the top was met by an exquisite touch by Firmino. If he had controlled the shot it would have undoubtedly been a goal of the season candidate. That was a theme throughout this game, incredible first touches by a multitude of Liverpool players. LFC did not have it all its way however, in the 36th minute Rupp was through on Alisson but somehow missed the pass to Pukki. Although the mistake seemed driven by the goalkeeping skills of the Brazilan, and although it has been difficult to proclaim him the best keeper in the world, this game gave people a reason to think more deeply about that question. Alisson very well may be the best Keeper in the World right now. Kieta had a chance in the 57th that was parried over by the Norwich Dutchmen Tim Krul who also played very well. Similarly, he made an incredible save in the 59th minute after Salah made a sublime spin to open up the far side of the goal. Krul parried but couldn’t quite hang on, but stopped another close distance shot by Keita. The post was hit by Norwich in the 72nd by Tete.

Then Liverpool finally overcame the frustration when The Senegalese Sensation Sadio Mane blasted a shot after a magnificent first touch. The ball came off his laces and swerved into the left side of the net. Krul had no chance. It was easy to feel bad for the Norwich Keeper considering he had played such a great game. The greatest thing taken from this game was the play of the Liverpool Keeper. He is absolutely in the conversation for the best keeper in the world now. A title formally reserved for names like Neuer, Casillas, and Buffon.

More than that however the team showed the same resiliency that they have all season, even sometimes from behind. There is a feeling that can be felt inside Anfield coming from the field. It is a feeling that nothing less than perfection is good enough. Quite frankly even if Liverpool lost a game it would be disappointing, but what we are witnessing is great none the less. This team holds a bond and a mindset of the men that stand around them on the pitch, at the end of the day that’s the most important thing in sports: having one collective goal that every player is willing to sacrifice his ego in order to win at all costs.

It seems rarely said here in the states that not only do Liverpool have no losses, but they also have only ONE draw! In comparison, the so-called “Invincibles” had 7 draws by the same point in the season. It shows an overall dominance across the field, from the back with Van Dijk, Robertson, and Alisson, upfront with Salah and Mane. Every man does his job and does it for the betterment of the guy working just as hard to accomplish the same goal. In a way, it seems to be something greater than just mere football. It’s a classic example of what clubs can do when they do something extremely difficult and make it look easy. It’s a coach's clinic on how to motivate your players. At this point, Liverpool seems so close to what the footballing gods had in mind that it is just a pleasure to live in a time where I can bear witness to such greatness of sportsmen. At the end of the day, that’s really what it’s all about. Stepping on the pitch and giving every bit of energy you have for the man next to you. One thing is for certain, no one from Liverpool Ever Walks Alone, but the footballing world is walking not far behind. That in and of itself is a testament to a city long overdue for their first EPL title in decades.