Should Liverpool start to be talked as the best EPL team of all time?

Bryce Ros

Liverpool F.C this season has been a dominant force in the English Premier League. It can be argued in fact that the team that Jurgen Klopp has fielded this season is the best team ever to play in the modern EPL. Before Arsenal fans start to get too excited, it’s only fair to say that they went undefeated through the entirety of a season. Still, Liverpool has so much talent it is starting to make Anfield look like the Camp Nou. Salah’s finish during the Champions League match this past week was one of the most insane goals ever. It may not seem to the casual football observer that the keeper was out and nothing was keeping him from slotting it home. In doing some reading there was one article that said the angle was less than 10 degrees? That’s pretty insane my matter how you look at it. The craziest part is, he has made it from almost a one-degree angle while playing for his home country.

The club is so much more than just Salah. Sadio Mane in his own right is probably one of the top players in the world. One would have to imagine that he would at least make the top 10 in the world right now. Having him and Salah play on the left and the right respectively is certainly why they have won so many games and scores so many goals. Mane is leading the club right now with 9 while Salah has 7 coming up right behind the Sudanese forward. Then you have Roberto Firmino in the middle playing that top role. He is a great player in his own right. He is not on the same level as either of his cohorts to the left and the right of him, but he can certainly put the ball in the net when he needs to. Divock Origi also is not a bad option to have on the bench. He scored a hat trick in the EPL already this season during one of his starts. That is just the front 3 and one substitute, not counting Xherdan Shaqiri. It is crazy to think about but Liverpool’s team this year has to be included in the discussion of most talented ever.

The club from the North of England also has arguably the best defender in the World with the Dutchman Virgil Van Dijk. During my outing to the Netherlands, there was not a football fan who I conversed with who did not say that Van Dijk deserved the prestigious Ballon d'Or, and I can’t say that I disagreed with them. Had I voted he would have certainly received my endorsement. The guy is a brick wall at Centre-Back. He also has a lot of upsides when it comes to set pieces scoring seven goals in his spell with the club. Usually his fellow Countrymen Wijnaldum will play in the mid-field in front of him. He can also score goals, and holds possession well and has great speed. Then to the flanks, we have two of the most important players, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Robertson. Their speed up the sides and back to defend has been done extremely well this season. Alexander-Arnold can also come in handy with free kicks, and both have a phenomenal crossing ability.

The most brilliant move the club could have ever made was in 2015 when they hired the charismatic German Head Coach Jurgen Klopp. He was always a fan favorite with Dortmund, and they were a choice of many on FIFA including myself during his tenure with the club. What does Klopp do so correctly? He simply gets incredible players and somehow gets them to play as a cohesive unit. At his former club, he had names like Lewandowski, Reus, Gotze, Aubameyang, Błaszczykowski, among many other very formidable players. Then he wins the Bundesliga twice and the Champions League once. Now he is performing his odd German magic on the English Premier League.

Liverpool is so far ahead of the race by Christmas that the leagues, except for perhaps Leicester City have a huge hill to climb to catch Liverpool. In the EPL the team that is ahead at Christmas has won the EPL every year except for 13 teams. Liverpool owns that distinction three of those 13. It just seems so unlikely with the way they have been playing that they will not go on to win. With Klopp at the helm and all the talent they possess it is within the realm of possibility to not lose. They don’t even have more than one draw so far this season.

One thing is for sure, regardless of if they do go undefeated or not it has been a pleasure watching Liverpool F.C play this season. The crisp passing along with the jaw-dropping goals remind us why we love the game so much. Even though it may not be The 5 Stripes out there, it is still beautiful to watch. If they do end up going undefeated it would seem that even with all the talent on The Invincibles, this Liverpool team is just something else entirely. The way they play for each other is a rare trait to see so clearly in a team. They seem to since runs and one-two passing opportunities like they are almost doing it without thinking. They may not be the best team ever to play in the EPL yet, but if their current form continues until the end of the season it would seem there would be no way to not put them in the conversation.