The 2019 LSU Team is among best to ever win a National Championship

Bryce Ros

By now most of you who have read my posts about NCAA Football know that I am a diehard UGA fan, as well as a former scholarship player. After watching LSU throughout this 2019` season it would be unfair if I didn’t write about the amazing team that came up from the bayou. Ed Orgeron has produced a team that in my opinion, is one of the most complete if not best teams to ever win a National Championship. The performance of Burrow, for instance, is something to behold. Joe Burrow started the year 2000-1 to win the Heisman Trophy, first of all, cheers to anyone who made that bet, and secondly how in the world could he go unnoticed in Vegas, whose wiseguys almost always gets the numbers right overlooked such incredible talent?

The reason LSU won so many games and Burrow broke so many records is because of the fantastic structure of the team. At receivers, you had Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson. Added into the mix is the son of one of the greatest players in NFL History Thaddeus Moss, son of West Virginia born phenom Randy Moss. There have been Alabama teams in the past that have seemed to be completely unstoppable, like a train completely derailed running through the toughest SEC opponents. I would also have to throw into the conversation the great Cam Newton Auburn led team. Still the complete routing of opponents by this LSU team this season borderlines on unbelievable. I heard so many people say that LSU was going to have trouble with Ohio State. Then Joe Burrow threw 7 TD passes in the game, four of which came in the first half. Destroying the Buckeyes 63-28, the game was not even close.

Burrow threw for 60 touchdowns this season with only 6 interceptions, throwing for a total of 5,671 total yards. In my entire life, there has never been a team so prolific as this LSU offense. Burrow also has a speed that is above that of a natural QB. While he may not be as fast as Cam Newton he almost certainly is not far away from the former Auburn all-time great in terms of speed. One of the reasons UGA was not able to put up much of a fight was due to his gashing our defense up the middle of the field. Throughout the season LSU outscored their opponents 421-283, an absurd margin when comparing the toughness of schedule in the SEC.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire was also something incredible to watch. He is somewhat reminiscent of Barry Sanders with his quick cuts upfield. I found myself dumbfounded at him making veteran Clemson defenders miss on what seemed like routine plays. The running back ran for over 1,400 yards this season and allowing Burrow to pick out his receivers due to the threat of the run. This is only highlighting the offensive players so far. This was an incredible group of stout linemen and brilliant quarterback led by a masterful offensive approach orchestrated by Joe Brady who has already been stripped away to the Carolina Panthers.

The defense also had its set of incredible players. Although it can certainly be argued that their offense was the reason they won so many games at such a large margin, holding SEC opponents to 283 points in a season is a difficult feat. The only two games that were close were the Auburn and Alabama games, only winning by 3 and 6 respectively. Other than those two close games LSU had no team that even came close, scoring an average of 47 points per game. It was also something of note that the LSU defense possesses the only freshmen to be named as Consensus First Team-All American Derek Stingley Jr. The young Baton Rouge Native had an entire side of the field locked down against a veteran Clemson offense. When Clemson attempted to throw his way they were largely unsuccessful, and the young Stingley also came up with a huge fumble recovery in the 4th quarter.

Perhaps the huge numbers only show a team that came together at the right place and right time. Still, even if that is the case it was by design. This LSU team has been something completely different than anything we have seen in College Football. There have been great teams in years past but this LSU team has to be kept in the conversation as best of all time. Burrow alone is enough of a subject to take up a full article alone, and the team at the end of the day reigned supreme over a very difficult and well-coached Clemson. One thing is for sure, the force that this team brought into the CFB Playoffs will not be forgotten for quite some time and it will be interesting to see how LSU rebounds after losing so many talented players.