UGA ready to face off against LSU tonight, and all the Dawgs come home.

Bryce Ros

There is something different about this year’s UGA team that is about to face off in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the 3rd year in a row. The Bulldogs are ready for whatever task is before them in this SEC Championship. Lucky enough to attend the last two and the National Championship I really don’t have much to complain about watching this one from home. LSU is one of the toughest opponents that we have had in years. They have an extremely talented QB in Joe Burrow. There is no doubt the guy can absolutely sling the ball. John Emery Jr. is also a talented guy in the backfield. Certainly, UGA has more upfront to offer than Alabama did regarding our Defensive line.

Last night I went with my comedian buddy Paul up to Top golf. I looked over at the Pod next to us and saw a friend from Kennesaw Mountain High School. Shortly after I spotted a guy I had not seen in person in years. Certainly, I remember him, but he doesn’t remember me. Roquan Smith, the beastly All-Pro linebacker for the Chicago Bears who suffered an injury this past week in the NFL. I came over and said hello to him and all of his friends hit some golf balls. I helped rather well with one of my old teammate’s ability to crush a golf ball to the very end of the nets, 100 points baby.

Roquan represents more when it comes to UGA than just the linebacker he became into, and how incredible he was at UGA. No doubt Roquan Smith is in my mind the best linebacker to ever play at UGA, and the argument can be made that he is the best ever in the SEC. Smith represents the brining of a new age to Georgia. The Kirby Smart age and the age of dominance by the University of Georgia, and with Roquan our defense started to become stout. All it has done since the years that have followed is get stronger and stronger, mindset better and better.

We have been a breath away from winning a National Championship, and we certainly can’t fail this time? If nothing else win or lose, the Bulldogs bounce back with a new vigor every year that astonishes even the lifelong fans. Dominance with backs from Brian Herrien and The Beast DeAndre Swift, D-backs that lockdown defense like J.R Reed and linebackers like Monte Rice. The quarterback that has brought it all together Jake Fromme, who is without a doubt the most successful QB in UGA history, and all of this coming together in less than one hour.

Even today I get nervous for a second like it’s before the Alabama game my redshirt year, where I actually came fairly close to breaking my redshirt. Albeit without getting sick these times around I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing I would rather get see as I would every year, The University of Georgia National Champions.