What will be United Starting XI on February 29th?

Bryce Ros

As I have said in many of my posts about The Five Stripes over the last couple of days it is very interesting the mood around Atlanta’s offseason moves. I just read a great article by Mr. Doug Roberson. He is a talented writer for the AJC whom I have a lot of respect for as a journalist. In it, he details that Atlanta has gotten rid of Pirez for 800,000$ which is the “going rate” for Central Defenders in the MLS. Missing LGP is going to affect the Atlanta United defensive players. There just does not seem to be any moves that have been made that are extremely high-grade prospects.
In the article, Mr. Roberson refers to the fact that the Atlanta club will likely sell Pity for about what we bought him for at some point, perhaps in January.

I agree with his assessment although there are other factors involved that could change things drastically after the first kick-off of the season. Sitting and trying to think of the Atlanta United Starting XI is something that has been cornering an area in my brain for a few days. Given that we still have great players, but who knows what could transgress during the season. The one constant that I have always stuck to is the leadership of FDB. I think he is a great coach for Atlanta United, and let me also say I believe strongly in the front office of Atlanta United. Carlos Bocanegra has done things that have never been done in the MLS before with Atlanta United. Plus he’s a USMNT favorite watching growing up.

After some thought, this is what I could come up with.
Obviously, in the front, we will have Pity Martinez doing his magic through the middle of the field. On his flanks, one would have to assume it would be Barco on the right, and Gonzolo to his left.
Starting in the mid-field is when it seems to get a little bit scary, considering we do not have the stalwart of Nagbe in the middle of the field anymore. That guy stood for everything an athlete should be and wish him good luck in his future. Remedi would likely start at Defensive Midfielder, and thankfully the 3-4-3 leaves us with the German monster Julian Gressel.

Another change would be Bello being put into that left-back position. The 17-year-old has a lot to offer the team, and it’s going to be something special to watch the young man play. Also on Defense, we will have the man, Miles Robertson. One of the toughest defenders in all the MLS, and since he stepped foot on that field watching him has been a treat. He never gives up on a ball. More importantly, he has an extremely strong mind and does not let near misses or even his own goals get him down. He just keeps that 100% effort and you have to respect that.

Guzan will certainly be in goal for us as he was a brick wall in the playoffs last year and kept us in many games. Honestly, I want to know what everyone thinks about what the starting XI will be on the first game on the 29th of next month? Atlanta United fans are knowledgable and I would love to see different thoughts. Feel free to post on The 5 Stripes Maven.