Why the Kopp's Love the Klopp

Firmino fires home a dramatic winner | Wolves 1-2 Liverpool: Highlights
Firmino fires home a dramatic winner | Wolves 1-2 Liverpool: Highlights

Watch key highlights from Molineux, where goals from Jordan Henderson and Roberto Firmino gave Liverpool the victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers to extend t...

Bryce Ros

Perhaps there was no better fit for the Anfield faithful than the Stuttgart born Jurgen Klopp. He has brought Liverpool F.C back to glory from a team that in some ways had lost their way. Liverpool won 18 League Titles up until 1990, and then they simply stopped. There have been some close seasons. In particular, that 14-15 season with the legend Gerrard making that one mistake that arguably changed the season. Since Jurgen has arrived there has been not even pondering that situation happening. The coach is something special, and not just in football. Klopp has always been a player’s coach, the kind of coach that players yearn to play for because of their ability to get the best out of everyone. Perhaps most importantly he gets them to play as a unit and one that has yet to lose a game in the 2020 season.

Klopp maintains a different method of football than other managers. He refers to it by its german name Gegenpressin which translates in English to “Counter-pressing.” It’s a very easy tactic to see if you watch the team play in one game. Instead of losing possession and reforming, they continue to attack the ball. It seems like a great way to play football. The tactic means every one of your player's motors must be going at 6000RPM throughout the entire match. Although it has some weak points, the counterattack, for instance, Wolves showed that today with the absurd speed of Traore.

More than about his tactics it seems to be more about Jurgen Klopp’s personality. An easy-going man who wears sweats on the sidelines, and is known for his tenacity. Rather than sitting on the bench and waving his arms in a showboating manner like Jose, he stands in the technical area the entire match. Pacing back and forth while shouting commands at his players. So many of his men love him as a person and coach. He has been the one run to after players score a goal than any other coach in the recent future. This is why Liverpool have come back to prominence. The team that has been assembled with large input by Klopp has created a monster on the pitch, and They Never Walk Alone.

The manager has gotten the team so close already once to winning the Leauge for the first time in two decades. This year he has then on track to possibly break every record in the history of The English Premier Leauge. What a way to return to prominence with such fantastic players like Mane, Salah, Van Dijk, Alisson, Fabinho. The list goes on and on. Klopp is a man of the fans. He loves provoking the crowd into a frenzy during a big part of a match. His attitude and coaching ability combined perfectly with Liverpool. Perhaps he has been better than any other coach in the English Premier League, although there are certainly other coaches in the discussion.

Liverpool showed grit in the match against Wolves today, who came out a worthy adversary. That game could have ended in a draw and it would have been a great result. The team refused to give up. They kept pushing until finally the game-winner by Firmino. Alison came up with a phenomenal save at close range, and Salah missed point-blank, such a rarity. The fact is that the club keeps walking on, closer and closer to the EPL title. They are chasing more than that at this point, now they are chasing glory, history, greatness. Something very few teams ever achieve. If there is one team up to the challenge it’s this Jurgen Klopp led Liverpool F.C side to a so far phenomenal undefeated season.