With sadness in loss, comes a look back at greatness, a look forward too

Bryce Ros

There are so many distractions in this odd strange world that we will in that are meant to rip us apart. To try to demonstrate even a fleeting second, let alone 365 days of Atlanta United Dominance. They are just an expansion team, right? This is the same expansion team that has now, in its first three years, already secured the top spot in the MLS. Emergences of players like Martinez to score more consecutive goals in a game in MLS history than anyone else, ever. The Campeones Cup, and the U.S Open Cup both in hand in the same year.

The things we all saw were too sublime to feel sorry over a single-elimination loss. Even though it’s certainly the more European way to play, we did beat the team on aggregate throughout two separate games, only to win the single-game final. Quite a more difficult accomplishment considering this year’s format was 1 loss and dumped from the playoffs. We saw such brilliance this year that made us all rise and scream in the Mercedes Benz, throwing our adult beverages, or our kids throwing their sodas into the air over a moment of pure brilliance by our football team. For those of us who have longed for soccer in Atlanta, there would seem to be no reason to be morose over a single loss to a single team.

Here’s why: In the coming months we will see a surge of more talent brought into the city that we call home. The talent we have, some may go, most will stay, and again the same light will shine from this old southern city. Atlanta United will never be the bottom of the league kind of a team. Primarily because we do not have that system here in the United States, but also because of the way the US bullishly takes on The Beautiful Game anyway. The commentating nearly always have an English voice, even when Taylor Twillman is on the airways. There are many European and World players that could be bought by Atlanta United in the coming months.

There are so many possibilities ahead. Although we may not be the MLS Cup Winners this year, emphatically United was the most together team all season, despite what a record may tell. Next year will be a second year in the system of FDB and the team will grow in the way it is supposed. What is one of the largest things that Atlanta has nearly always proven to get right every year? Atlanta United’s, financials and front office who are run by some of the best in MLS. Atlanta will continue its quest to win another MLS Cup, but ambitions that seemingly surpass whatever constraints exist. 2019 was a great year for United, and now the fun part. The short 4 months out of the year when the MLS is not in season will be just as exciting. I will be coming out tomorrow with my top 5 affordable athletes that we can afford from all around the world.
So great year United, let’s do it again in a few months.