Zlatan goes to Italy, Talk of Gareth Bale going South. Is Atlanta going heavy?

Bryce Ros

All of the talk that had been bouncing around yesterday about Gareth Bale possibly coming to the MLS influenced a lot of thinking about whether or not a player like Bale is really meant for the MLS? Of course, a player with his level of skill would be super valued by any team that possessed him, but would it be good for the league? We have a beautiful test case in this area although with a lesser touted player due to being 6 years older than Bale. Zlatan playing for the Galaxy last year certainly had an effect on the goal-scoring aspect of his production, and the value of watching him perform his magic. Zlatan averaged a score for every game he played in, and also nearly half an assist per game.

Now the Swedish striker is at Inter Milan in Serie A. It’s worthy to note that Zlatan was being paid 5.5$ Million at the start of his time at The Galaxy, by the end, he was being paid 3.3$ Million. He came and did was Ibra does, score goals at a high volume and make absurd shots from way outside the box. Although he had such a great year in the MLS and so many fans worship Ibrahimovic, alas he vanished like an apparition to go play in Europe. The question is with all of the moves Atlanta has been making, and all of our best players seemingly leaving, could Atlanta be potentially bringing in an expensive pick-up?