Atlanta has a major test ahead, but The Five Stripes are hungry and ready.

Bryce Ros

This has been an amazing year to be an Atlanta United fan. Watching Martinez go on his goal streak, seeing Parkhurst blast, watching Darlington Nagbe run up and down the field the same way surely the same way he ran barefoot playing pick up as a young kid. That is the thing about players like Nagbe, they have a burning desire in the chest that makes their speedometer never stop. It has been an honor to watch that man play, not only for his hustle but for his love of the game as well.

United have already accomplished so much this season that it can certainly already be considered a success. This is The ATL though. We are all about winners, and right now it feels like The Five Stripes are the most popular team in the city. It is something peculiar to see random grown men and women toss their beers into the air after that winning goal on Sunday, many of them do not know each other at all. Nor do they care what they look like, by what name they call God, where they are from, and that’s the beauty that football brings to the world, but especially to Atlanta.

Atlanta United has helped bring this city together, even if for a short time. They have given us so much pride by already winning an MLS Cup and the 2 Cups so far this year. This game will depend on who wants it more? A wise man, my father always told me that, “A true leader is a man who simply by his mere presence makes those around him better.” Those are words that are very great to live by. Although the Union is a good team there is no reason that we should not win the game. If our players keep to the FDB system, and most importantly follow one another, and make sure each player has the others back.

Nothing would send a jolt into this city after the recent loss of the Falcons, as well as the Braves in the playoffs. So, whether they like it or not, they are Atlanta’s hope for another championship. The last game with the Union astonished me. It seemed like our players actually had some fear of the team. After watching our men walk off the pitch on Sunday, I have no doubt that they are more than ready for this game. They are extremely hungry for another championship, and they know the city is counting on them. Tomorrow night is judgement day. The Five Stripes are a clutch team, and as long as we play to our full potential, we will be one step closer to the prize our city covets... Back to Back MLS Cups. United, bring it home.