Cody Parkey's interview and NBC's Today Show do another "double doink"

NBC's interview of Cody Parkey is a complete disaster.

Cody Parkey's national television interview about the "Double Doink" went much like his now infamous kick.

It was a disaster, and some of it really wasn't his fault.

NBC's Today Show did a horrendous job of interviewing Parkey, as could be expected.

The crew didn't bother to set up the situation at all for viewers. Instead they got Hoda Kotb blabbing and carrying on.

Big deal. A kicker hit the upright and goal post and the Bears had their season end. It was tough for him. This was all they said about him.

They didn't even bother to explain he had hit the uprights five times prior to this during the interview and that this miss fulfilled fans' worst fears going into the game.

People watching this on NBC are rarely hardcore football fans, and need some sort of context to this. How rare is it to hit the uprights once, let alone six times? It was seven, even, if you want to count a double doink.

Instead, they were lecturing and talking about how positive it was for him to pray with the players afterward on the field.

That's NBC.

"I'll continue to keep my head held high because football is what I do, it's not who I am," Parkey said.

Asked what his thoughts were about the fan reaction, Parkey said, "I haven't been on social media or anything like that."

Uh, it hasn't been good, and after this it will be much worse.

Going forward, Parkey said, "I'm just going to continue to think positive and keep swinging."

Bears fans likely will say they hope he's doing it somewhere else.

Interviewers brought up how Akiem Hicks reacted positively to Parkey after the game.

"Akiem is a standup guy," Parkey said. "And I think a lot of teammates stood up for me from what I've heard. It's a family, it's a bond."

The family members can't be too pleased that he went on an interview like this after what happened.

The wound hasn't healed. Parkey should have had much better sense than to do this interview. It was like pouring salt on it.

What''s next for Cody, Good Morning America? Maybe Jimmy Fallon? For Bears fans, I'm sure they just can't get enough of seeing him talking about the kick on TV.

Sure, the kick was less Parkey's fault than some thought immediately after, but he still shares blame in it because it should have been higher off his foot and it wouldn't have been blocked.

So going on TV for this interview was another doink counting against Parkey, and one for NBC.

The interview concluded with the NBC crew calling him MHP, Most Honorable Player.

How cute.

They get the MPI Award themselves: Most Pathetic Interviewers.

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This might be the most ignorant article I've ever read. As a family friend of the Parkeys, I can tell you for sure that they were not at all upset with Cody's decision to go on the Today Show. His story is one that can be taken outside of the context of football and used as a lesson for kids. He didn't go on the show to explain his failure, but to talk about how he handled it. He is not just a football player, but also a moral human being who is being applauded for his character under extreme hate. This article does nothing but contribute to that hate. Please don't write any more articles that are outside of your knowledge range.