Sun-Times columnist Rick Morrissey reels off the one-liners well but then douses everything he wrote with ice cold water by complaining that this wild "goose chase" isn't yet over. Of course not. That's why it's not a goose chase. They'd have two kickers going into training camp no matter what they did before. And that's where they're at, with two kickers. I don't see what the problem was with having eight kickers in there (nine if you count the day that tryout punter got to try his foot at kicking with the eight kickers), as long as you can get it to two decent kickers by training camp. Are they decent? We'll see in preseason. Media didn't even see 20 percent of the kicks by these guys in the offseason, and by that I'm talking about the Halas Hall regulars, not occasional interlopers who write columns.