Andy Dalton: "We did not play to our potential today.”

Andy Dalton addresses the media following a loss at Kansas City in week 7.

What did you think about how you did sustaining drives?

“We were not converting on third downs. That is what it came down to. We did not play to our potential today.”

Was there any trend in those third downs?

“Yeah, we did not convert. I guess the biggest thing that bothers us was that we were not able to put enough drives together and didn’t get down there and didn’t give ourselves a chance to score.”

Is this the kind of game that just kind of snowballs on you?

“Yeah, we obviously did not do enough. When you play an offense like that on the other side, the game can turn quick and unfortunately it did.”

Did the defense change something tonight?

“We did not make plays. That is what it comes down to.”

Was it a surprise that they ran a press?

“No, that is what they have done all year and that is just the style they play. We did not do enough.”

Was there something you saw to make you want to use A.J. Green?

“We are going to try to get A.J. the ball. A.J. was doing a good job of getting open. He got open a lot early and they started doubling him. I thought A.J. did some good things tonight.”

Does your high ranking make this easier?

“Yeah, it is one game. There is still everything out in front of us. Obviously, we wish we could have played better tonight, but it is just one.”

What about these injuries at the tight end position?

“It is unfortunate. The fact is that injuries happen and it is tough, especially when you lose them all at one position. It makes it even tougher.”

What about that three and out before halftime?

“They came down and got points off of it. We know every drive is important and we didn’t take advantage with enough drives.”

What do you think about your halftime adjustments?

“We did not do enough. We did not play like we can play and it shows with the result.”

Was that the frustrating thing that you are a good team?

“That is a good team and everybody knows that they have been able to score points. When you don’t do that on your side of the ball, it can turn into a game that it did. That is a really good offense over there.”

Did your guy under cut the ball on that pick six?

“He was playing man on the tight end and the tight end came to block, so he freed up. He made a good play.”

What do you tell these guys tomorrow?

“There is a lot of season left and a lot of things out in front of us. It is just one game. We have another one next week.”

Thoughts on being in first place in the North?

“As much as this one sucks, everything is still right there. We are in a great position. We have to go take advantage of it.”