Coach Marvin Lewis: "Everybody has to get on the same page."

Head Coach Marvin Lewis addresses the media following the Bengals loss to the Steelers.

Initial Comments ...

 “That is a disappointing way to lose a football game, (after) we get back and get the lead and so forth. We had some good things throughout the day, but not enough to win the football game throughout. When we get depleted, we have to step up and get to the next guy, and the next guy has to make a play. That was a great job by the offense of going down the field and giving us the lead after the field goal. But we have to figure out a way to stop the (Steelers’) offense and win the football game.”

What was your thinking about the defensive call on the go-ahead touchdown?

“We are not going to second-guess anything. They made a play and we didn’t.”

What is it going to be like to get this team together after a loss like this?

“We’ll be fine. We’ll be ready to go.”

Do you expect the league to take a look at Vontaze Burfict’s hit on Antonio Brown?

“I don’t know what play you are talking about. There were a lot of plays out there.”

The one where he hit with his elbow ...

“Again, there are a lot of plays out there, and the league looks at every play.”

Fans are frustrated by these losses to the Steelers. How frustrated are you?

“It’s frustrating to lose games at home, especially division games. We lost this one today. We just have to rebound back. We don’t get the chance to whine about it or whatever, we just have to get ready to go. That’s what we have to do as a football team. It’s unfortunate we lost the game today, but we have another one (Sunday) night in Kansas City, and we have to get ready for that one.”

Do you take any consolation in the offense doing what they had to do, and getting the go-ahead TD late in the fourth quarter?

"It’s a 60-minute football game. It’s three phases, and one has to win it. The offense drove the ball twice before halftime and came up with scores, which were big in the football game. But we have to figure out a way at the end of the football game to make a stop. Third down-situations, whatever it was, we have to find a way to get it stopped. We had some new guys in there, we were depleted a little bit, and everybody has to get on the same page. We just have to stay true through it and have great eyes, and execute the calls.”

When you say ‘Get on the same page,’ do you think some of the defensive players were confused? It looked like on a couple plays, they didn’t know where to line up ...

“To make it kind of a general statement, that all time it’s a part of playing offense and defense. We all have to stay on the sam page and see it through the eyes all the time.”

Was there even a chance Tony McRae got picked on the go-ahead touchdown?

“I can’t tell you. The emphasis on the play is to rub the guy at the line of scrimmage. Whether or not it happened on that play, I’m not sure.”