Lewis: We Didn't Make Critical Plays in Critical Moments

Coach Lewis Postgame Press Conference vs Browns

Head coach Marvin Lewis addresses the media following the loss to Cleveland in week 16.

Opening statement:

“[We had] an opportunity there at the end of the football game to have a chance to get back and have a go at it at the end. I thought throughout the day early on we were playing back and forth. We gave up a couple of completions, particularly on third down, which ended up setting up plays, which made a difference. Conversely, on the other side, we weren’t converting any third downs. That ended up, going into halftime, being the difference in the ball game. We just didn’t make some critical plays today in critical moments. When we are in coverage positions, we have to come up with the football. I think that is important. That ended up being unfortunately the tale of the day. They made more plays in those situations than we did.”

On whether it was too soon for an onside kick:

“Yes, we did what we wanted. We blocked the punt. We got the ball. Then, we got another chance to do it again. We had to get a stop. With two minutes, we can get the ball back with 1:50 or make them throw it, one or the other. They helped us the first time.”

On the possibility of Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict being disciplined for actions toward Bengals Trainer Paul Sparling:

"He just has to go through the protocol. Sometimes, guys don’t want to hear that [they can’t reenter the game]. They say they are fine, but they still have to go through the protocol. They settle down and then they go do it.”

On if the number of head injuries Burfict has sustained is cause for concern:

“You’re not a doctor. I’m not a doctor, either.”