ACC Kickoff 2019: Steve Addazio On Opening Against VT, 2019 Goals

What did he have to say about this upcoming season?

Yesterday the ACC held their annual kickoff event in Charlotte, North Carolina, where coaches and selected players talked to the media. While a lot of it is the typical coach speak, talking about players growing and what not, there were a few interesting comments by Addazio, first on opening the season against Virginia Tech:

"I think it's a great opener. Obviously a permanent crossover for us, a conference game against one of the elite teams in the conference. I think our winter, our spring and our pre-season camp, we have the full attention of our team. There's a sense of urgency. There's no mystery. We have to be playing our A game.

Sometimes I think when you have an opener that maybe is a little less, you have a tendency to sleepwalk through camp a little bit. That's not the case for us. I kind of like to deal with what is. What is, we're playing Virginia Tech. Those are the positives of playing Virginia Tech on opening day. That's all I'm really concerned about right now.

We've got our work cut out for us, but we're really excited about that opportunity."

And on the goals of this upcoming year:

At BC, I think we've been to 17 bowls in the last 20 years, something like that. So we've had a pretty good bowl record here. We're continuing that. We're proud of that.

What do we have to do to take the next step? The next step for us is to compete for a conference championship. That's what we need to do. I think when I talk about goals of the team, you start out with winning the opener. The next thing is you have to become bowl eligible. You have to then compete for a conference championship.

In order to do that, we have to be able to stay consistent in our level of play through the course of the season. We have to develop our depth so that injuries don't unseat us. That's where I think our challenge lies, is staying healthy and staying consistent. We had an opportunity a year ago, we were 7-2, I want to say, we were ranked whatever we were, 17th in the country on game day at Boston College and we were playing Clemson.

Whatever we were at that point, we're going into arguably our ninth game of the season, and we're playing the defending national champions for essentially a shot at the conference championship.

In week nine, that was happening last year. So the next step is winning that game. That's not an easy task, as we just well-documented. But that's what makes this conference so competitive and exciting.

We've got to stay consistent, stay healthy, and we've got to be able to beat a team like Clemson in order to have a shot to compete for that conference championship and win it.


Finally, on bringing in two new coordinators:

Well, our vision is a program vision. Bill Sheridan on defense was on the defensive staff a year ago. He's a veteran guy, been a coordinator in the NFL, two different stops. I think Bill brought great confidence and stability to the defense. I wouldn't say necessarily there's any specific changes coming. I mean, we have a system of defense. His personality will attach to that.

On offense, Mike Bajakian came in. We're running the offense that we run at Boston College. Mike has assimilated into that outstandingly. He is a very, very bright guy with a wealth of experience. Great quarterback developer. Really has a great background in the throw game. I think he'll be able to bring some of his experiences and ideas into our throw game.

We're remaining who we are, which is the greatest thing of having program continuity, I believe. So there's no terminology changes for anybody. We had a great spring on both sides of the ball, including special teams. Had great development.