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We need to bring back the “Dancing Polish Prince” Bad Ass Jags in the leather Jacket swagger when Ryan beat VT in 2007 & Lane Stadium went silent.

BC was in the #2 Trolley seat on the “Road to New Orleans” & BC needs to start 7-0 this year and bring some magic back to the Heights.

One at a time, but beating a solid VT team & their #1 Production returning defense in D-1, BC would have to really be disappointed to lose to Richmond, Kansas, at Rutgers, WF, at UL & NCSU.

At Louisville, a re-tooling team, is the big road game, since Rutgers is not a powerhouse & NCSU & WF had key Offensive players leave, and BC is Home for these 2.

6-1 should be the minimum expectation going into the last 5 games, but 7-0 and you get National PR and rankings to help recruiting top players.

You also are in contention for Gameday in Death Valley or ND.

The last 5 Game Gauntlet is quite a finish do hopefully Dazzler plays a lotta people in the first 7 so everyone gets some playing time & gets the passing offense firing on all cyclinders.

At Clemson At Syracuse Florida State Bye Week At Notre Dame At Pittsburgh

What I do not want to hear in any Dazzler Press conference is the pre-canned crapola excuses:

1-We are a bunch of young guys! 2-We have a lot of youth that needs to step up. 3-We have a lot of inexperienced guys.

Every D-1 team graduates players & in some years, more than others.

To all those that think this team with an experienced QB and Bajarian an NFL Offensive Coordinator can’t implement a dangerous “Throw Game” then I got one thing to say:




I see where he’s coming from but to be “happy” with 7 wins is absurd.