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AND.....we got guys that are not mentioned that will be key players like Levy & Glines and new defensive players!

Same old redundant tweet & post over the last 10 LONG years>

Every BC season is now dependent on BC's Offense taking the next big step up with new passing paradigm, play calling & QB play.

BC can't win without a balanced offense or beat top 25 teams in the new NCAA pass happy game.

Clemson knows it, Georgia, Bama, ND.....if you do not have a solid passing game with deep threats, YOU WILL NEVER EVER WIN BIG GAMES!

When you win 1 game in 25 games (1-24) versus Top 25 over 10 years because of poor head coaching, clock management & recently #POUNDDAZROCK = simply is a fatally flawed strategy.

BC finished in NCAA Passing the last 10 years an average of 101st. That is pathetic!

The Dazzler Steroid Turtle play average over 6 years is 113th, or a total embarrassment with 128 average teams?

This is the school of Concannon, Flutie, Foley & Ryan.

113th. Really?


Bajakian has to come out with new plays, formations and play sequencing or the schedule we have of 5 or more ranked teams & the last 5 brutal gauntlet of games will be much tougher.

Time to let it rip. Start by beating a real tough experienced VT defense!


1,923 Hours & to go!