Top 5 Heart Wrenching Losses Under Steve Addazio

BC has had some truly tough losses, but what have been the worst under Daz? Watch the video below to see my take!

In today's BC Maven video series, I took a look at BC's worst heart-wrenching losses under current head coach Steve Addazio, and picked my Top 5. Do you agree or disagree leave your thoughts below in the comments. 

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No. 1-2

You could make an argument for the FSU game in 2014 as well (losing on a last second field goal after missing the go ahead kick). Maddening how close that team was to having a truly special year



Can’t top that torture list AJ.

Remind me to never watch that again since it adds to the 20 years of misery from the TOBlunders & Spazoo eras of gut ripping losses snatched from the jaws of victory.

I still think Dazzler’s Clock Management skills are still suspect until we see consistent winning results in close games versus Power 5 Teams that have been lost under his leadership.

Hopefully Offensive Coordinator #4 will make the end game calls a lot easier with a new passing paradigm we have all been praying for 6 years.

VT defense being beaten with a balanced attack would be a huge confidence booster.

Go Eagles!