Ravens pull player out of minicamp for being too fat

Per a report from Jamison Hensley, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh had defensive tackle leave after stretching, because he was too fat to participate in the minicamp, saying it was a risk to his health and a question of safety.

Unlike the Browns that face first world football problems that are contrived at best, their division rival in Baltimore has actual issues. Their would be franchise quarterback having issues throwing the ball and then today, per a report from Jamison Hensley of ESPN, John Harbaugh kicked Michael Pierce out of minicamp for being too fat.

Perhaps more precautionary than anything and trying to send a message, Harbaugh determined that it wasn't safe for Pierce to participate in minicamp. Pierce plays at around 340 pounds, so being too fat to participate is notable. Calling it a health concern and a matter of safety is either an indication or just how heavy Pierce has gotten or really going above and beyond to embarrass a player.

Maybe Pierce spent his offseason on the Gilbert Brown diet. The former Green Bay Packers defensive tackle who was often flirting with four spins had a burger named in his honor. The Gilbert Burger offered by Burger King was a Triple Whopper with extra everything, no pickles. Brown has lost a bunch of weight since his playing days, 

What makes this Pierce situation particularly strange is that he's in a contract year. He had an outstanding 2018 season and if he can have anything even resembling that level of play, he could be in for a big pay day after the season. In the meantime, it's June and he's being fat shamed by his coach.