Embrace Demetrius Harris's blocking because he's a rollercoaster in the passing game

When the Cleveland Browns swapped out Darren Fells to get Demetrius Harris, it meant an upgrade to their blocking and getting younger, but it comes at the cost of rabid inconsistency in terms of catching the football.

The Cleveland Browns let go of Darren Fells and replaced him with a younger version that John Dorsey was more familiar with in Demetrius Harris. It also worked out as a bit of an accounting trick for the Browns in terms of their salary cap.

Harris is a better pure run blocker than Fells, but he's a player that has the potential to drive fans crazy. He looks physically impressive, moves around well and looks like he should be really dangerous in the passing game.

Unfortunately, for a fan base that has a terrible history with despising players with questionable hands, they've never seen anything like Harris. The two highest drop rates on the Browns last year based on targets were Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway at 7.3% and 7.5% respectively.

Add those together and it's still not as bad as Demetrius Harris was last year with Patrick Mahomes as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Harris dropped 4 passes on just 25 targets, which is a drop rate of 16%.

Since he entered the league as a hooper out of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, it's been a question if he could take the next step and become realize all of his potential. Five seasons later, it's not out of the question that he could become a more consistent pass catcher, but it's more likely he is who he is at this point.

And it's rough when he's coming on the heels of Darren Fells, who was consistently a pleasant surprise in the passing game last year, catching 11 out of 12 passes with three touchdowns, six first downs and caught the first touchdown pass of Baker Mayfield's career.

Harris is a better run blocker and should provide a boost in that area of the game, which is valuable especially given what the Browns can do on offense, so fans are going to need to embrace that as much as possible and anything he gives the team in the passing game should be a pleasant surprise, otherwise he's going to be a rollercoaster ride that drives them insane.