Greedy Williams on his development

Cleveland Browns rookie corner answered some questions from the media and a lot of it referenced his own development. He spoke about his mindset when he steps on the field, staying humble and feedback.

After a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and helping out with a youth camp, a few Cleveland Browns rookies took some questions from the media. Greedy Williams answered a couple questions about his early success and staying humble, which he answered all through the lens of his development.

First, he said whenever he steps on the field, he wants to dominate. He then talked about how he knows he's going to make mistakes, but the key is being able to shrug them off, do his best not to repeat them.

Williams was asked about being humble and he talked about the same process he had to go through with college. Essentially, he said it's starting over and said he has to build himself up, so he has dubbed his time in his development the "building process". Williams didn't limit that just to his skill, but said earning the trust of his teammates was part of it.

The last thing he talked about was the impact of going against good competition is going to force him to get better. They are going to pick out weaknesses and force him, with the help of coaches, to go in and fix them.