Raiders selected for Hard Knocks. Can Jon Gruden be a bigger disaster than Hue Jackson?

The Oakland Raiders have been selected as this year's team on Hard Knocks. Can Jon Gruden be worse than Hue Jackson with the Cleveland Browns was in 2018?

According to reports, Hard Knocks has settled on its team for the 2019 season and it's the Oakland Raiders. It has all of the potential to be a complete dumpster fire. Jon Gruden trying to bring back the year 1994. Antonio Brown possibly continuing his vengeance tour on anyone even remotely connected to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Owner Mark Davis going to the barbershop. Richie Incognito... hopefully not doing Richie Incognito things.

But as bad as the Raiders might be, the real question is whether there's any way it can possibly touch the level of ridiculously awful that Hue Jackson was last year with the Cleveland Browns. It was the must see television experience that Browns fans wanted to see, but really hoped no one else was watching out of fear for what a debacle the team was under the leadership of Jackson.

Of the footage they kept in, Hue Jackson having to remind his staff he was the head coach. Having his shorts fall down and his butt exposed when they dove into Lake Erie to cleanse themselves of 1-31. Reacting to Josh Gordon showing up the facility like his season was saved. Telling Corey Coleman to go talk to Todd Haley about issues he had when he's the head coach.

Hard Knocks gave a behind the scenes look at just how ill equipped Hue Jackson was for the job and when the season predictably went bad, it was easy to see why. The best part of Hard Knocks this season for Browns safe in the knowledge that if it goes bad while all 32 fan bases are watching, it's no longer them.

This serves as both a question and a challenge. Can Gruden be worse than Hue was last year? Please? Not only would it make Browns fans feel better, but that would make for can't miss television.