Sheldrick Redwine explaining his role, early impressions

Cleveland Browns rookie Sheldrick Redwine took a few questions and explained what he's doing so far in the defense, special teams and some of the adjustments he's trying to make as he acclimates to the NFL.

After a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and helping with a youth camp, a few of the Cleveland Browns rookies took some questions. Sheldrick Redwine explained what he's doing, first and foremost in terms of roles.

Redwine is being cross-trained at both safety positions, which he did as a member of the Miami Hurricanes. He said nothing he's doing here is notably different from what he did in Coral Gables. The other area where he's spending a lot of times is special teams, which is understandable.

The one thing that he doesn't mention is slot. Redwine played a ton of slot at Miami and he was really effective at it. Not specifically addressing it one way or the other doesn't mean anything, but it's just interesting that it didn't come up.

Redwine said he's made strides to the size and strength of the opponents he's facing in the NFL, particularly at the tight end position. He believes he can feel himself getting stronger.

When asked about the defense, Redwine said he feels like defensive coordinator Steve Wilks is putting everybody in great position to succeed, noted that Wilks is emphasizing scoring touchdowns to the defense. He wants them to put up points.