The day he signed his rookie deal bittersweet for Greedy Williams

Cleveland Browns rookie corner Greedy Williams explained that the day he signed his rookie contract was bittersweet because later that same evening, his grandmother passed away after battling an illness.

After taking a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and helping with a youth camp, some Cleveland Browns rookies answered questions from the media. One unexpected moment was when Greedy Williams was asked about signing his rookie deal.

Williams revealed that his grandmother has been sick and dealing with an illness. And after signing his rookie contract earlier in the day, he found out that evening that she had passed away. Naturally, that was difficult, but he said she was looking down on him with a big smile on her face, proud that he was able to achieve one of his dreams.

Her name was Irma Williams and it seemed not only as Greedy was battling various emotions as he told the story. Not wanting to break down as he told it, clearly having a ton of love and admiration for her and proud to talk about her.

Obviously, the day of the draft is the biggest day because that's the sign that a player made it, that he was going to the NFL and that he made it. The signing of the contract, however, is so important for players as it means it's truly real and for so many, it's a life altering situation. It's sad that Greedy's day couldn't all be good, but he has a very positive outlook on the situation overall.