Jameis Winston on Beating the Panthers, Being Proud of Teammates

Jameis Winston Postgame Press Conference Bucs vs. Panthers

QB Jameis Winston spoke to the media following the Bucs' game against the Carolina Panthers

(On his decision making in the first half and protecting the football)

“Yeah, I mean, the read wasn’t there so I tried to make a play. If I couldn’t make a play I just took a sack or got out of bounds. It was just simple.”

(On the play of safety Andrew Adams and his three interceptions)

“I love it. That’s just so resilient, you know? The game that we play we have to be resilient, we have to persevere through anything. You look at the game today; we had to overcome a lot of different things, especially offensively. But Triple A – well, I call him Triple A, but Double A came through in a big way. Three picks, you’ve got to love it. That’s what we play for, we play to cherish our teammates and lift them up when they are doing great and bring them up if they are doing bad.”

(On why he calls Adams “Triple A”)

“He got three picks today, that’s why I call him Triple A.”

(On how it feels to set the franchise record with touchdown passes)

“It’s a blessing, it’s a blessing. That's a credit to everyone in that room, starting with coach on down to my offensive line and my receivers, so hopefully I can continue to go up on that number.”

(On not turning the football over and if he’s thinking differently on the field)

“Just playing to win, the bottom line. I think winning is way better than losing. So, as long as we keep winning I’m going to keep loving it.”

(On if he’s making a conscious effort to protect the football, even if it means taking the sack)

“I’m just trying to do whatever I need to do to help us win, to put our team in a position to win.”

(On his touchdown to Chris Godwin)

“Well, I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get a pass interference on the play before. Thank God that he didn’t pick that ball off because it was really pass interference. So I decided in my mind, ‘I’m going to throw Chris a touchdown.’ We should have gotten it the first play, but the offensive line blocked good, I stepped up, scrambled to the right, Chris was wide open, I put it on him. Touchdown.”

(On the fact that the playoffs are still attainable and the team’s resilience)

“I think our main focus is just one game at a time. We’ve got to continue with one game, one play and just do our best. When we are playing like the Bucs are playing, we can beat anybody.”

(On if he agrees with Jason Pierre-Paul’s statement that these are Tampa Bay’s playoffs)

“I do agree with it because we can't lose. We can't stop playing like we're playing right now. I love the way we are playing. I love winning, it just feels good and so that’s a guy (JPP) that’s won a Super Bowl, been to the playoffs so anything that he says I'm trying to feed off him and trying to get into the playoffs.”

(On his relationship with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and their interaction during the game)

“There’s a song in High School Musical and it goes a little like ‘We are all in this together’ – you know what I’m saying? So, we’re all in this together. Bottom line, we are all trying to find a way to help us win. If Fitz has something that can help our offense he’s going to tell me. If Ryan Griffin has something to help our offense, he’s going to tell me because we are all trying to win together.”

(On if he was making a conscious decision to slide less today when he scrambled)

“With the rule, when you slide you kind of lose yards so I've been trying to practice falling forward and protect myself in that way, so I can kind of gain more yards. Sometimes when you slide they count it from your back leg, so yeah, it looks like you can get an eight-to-10-yard gain. If you slide it’s a three-yard gain, so just trying to develop a way to protect myself and fall forward.”

(On the lift that the defense’s takeaways provide the offense)

“Man, it’s huge. It makes our job easier, but you’ve got to credit the perseverance that our defense has had throughout this whole year and again, we’ve got to continue to build on that. We’ve had so many injuries on that side of the ball and for them to come in, especially these past two weeks and create turnovers and give us a chance has been definitely a great reason why we are winning.”

(On chance to play New Orleans next week)

“I'm just taking it one game at a time. I know those guys are going to come ready, especially after the Dallas loss, so you can never count out Drew Brees. I love that guy but I love my team, so we are going to try our best to take it one play at a time and get a win.”

(On how much each game is a learning experience for him)

“Yes, every rep that I take I can learn something from it. I will never arrive, I think. Even a quarterback that has been in this league for 20 years will say that so you’ve got to continue to get better. This game, I definitely know I’ve got to fix some things, whether it’s my drop, whether it’s ball placement. I wish I had that hitch to Cam Brate again. I wish I would have thrown it up. I’ve got to get better every single day but its one day at a time, one completion at a time and one play at a time.”