Buccaneers Coach Dirk Koetter: 'It's an Important Week'

Head coach Dirk Koetter spoke to the media during Week 4 of the preseason.

(On the addition of long snapper Garrison Sanborn and the competition at the position)

Yeah, its going to be a short one [competition], one week. Its going to be a four-day competition. We have a spot, we wanted to bring him back and look at him and nothings been decided, one way or the other. We just want to make sure that obviously, we have a lot of knowledge of Garrison from last year we just want to make sure that we look at it from both sides and make the best decision for the Bucs.

(On if Sanborn or long snapper Drew Ferris is expected to play more on Thursday night)

I would say probably more towards Garrison but theyll both be dressed and well see. Theyre both going to snap during the week here.

(On if hes satisfied with how the quarterbacks have shared reps and performed this preseason)

Yeah, very well. I mean, it would be hard not to be the way all three of those guys are really doing a good job. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] now has been through a whole cycle with us, Griffs [Ryan Griffin] been here for three and of course, Jameis [Winston]. And then [Quarterbacks Coach] Mike Bajakian does a really good job with them in the meeting room so thats where your OTAs pay off, your classroom stuff pays off and those three guys have done a really nice job of carrying it to the field.

(On how important it is for tackle Leonard Wester to return from injury and practice this week)

Any of those guys that are not assured of a roster spot, especially those young tackles, its an important week, so yeah. Cole Boozer was also back doing some today and its an important week.

(On if he might be more inclined to carry 10 offensive linemen on the final roster due to injuries)

Thats one-fifty-third of the puzzle because youve got issues at multiple positions and thats where we have to rely on our medical team and some projection on when guys are going to be back that we know are going to be here and thats something that Jason [Licht] is working on around the clock.

(On if he has noticed cornerback Vernon Hargreaves asserting himself as a leader this year)

Yeah, I have. I think Vernon has really asserted himself. Brent Grimes on the other side is not a big talker and Vernon likes to be vocal on the field, which we encourage. I mean, communication is a good thing and I think Vern has come out there every day hes practiced and brought energy. Of course, hes playing two positions and theres some competition involved there I think hes risen to that level and were happy with where hes at right now.

(On if he uses this week to prepare for both Thursday nights preseason finale and the Week One regular season opener)

Yes, preparing the guys for Jacksonville. You want to give the guys who are going to play Thursday night the best chance they can have to show their best [against] Jacksonville and then what usually happens is when youre installing all the way through training camp you kind of go back this week and touch on some things you havent repped that you know are going to come up, whether its New Orleans or Philly or Pittsburgh. So maybe theres something we havent really shown too much in preseason and we installed it in the first two weeks so we go back and brush up on some of that stuff.

(On if hes pleased with defensive tackle Vita Veas progress on returning from injury)

Hes right on track to be back and that part is all good. I mean, are we pleased? Its hard to be pleased when your first-round pick hasnt been out at practice very much. But thats nothing that he can control, were not mad at him about it. Its just one of those things. He had an injury, it has to heal. Hes on the right track. He was out running with the trainers today in full gear before practice, so hes getting close and everything you said still holds true. I just wont repeat what you said.

(On if Vea and the defensive tackle position is a spot where a player can still have an impact with limited practice reps)

Well, every position is different when it comes to that sort of thing but hes missed a lot of time, all right? Hes missed a lot of time so Make an impact is a relative term.

(On if defensive tackles can still play if they have missed significant practice time)

Sure, sure. Guys can play and I would say D-line is one of the positions that has less to worry about than, say, middle linebacker or free safety or quarterback, for example. But that doesnt mean missing practice you know, the best way to get better at football is playing football.

(On if wide receiver Mike Evans sitting out practice might affect his availability for the regular season)

No, no. No way. It was just precautionary and Mike will be fine.