Cal Basketbal Video: Mark Fox Compares This Rebuild to His Experience at Georgia

The Bulldogs had struggled over their previous 6 seasons before reaching the NCAA tourney in Fox's second year

Mark Fox compares the job ahead at Cal with the rebuild he encountered when he was hired at Georgia for the 2009-10 season.

In the video above (shot a week ago), Fox doesn't minimize the work he and his staff face at Cal, but he notes the Bulldogs had their own issues. They were 3-13 and 4-12 in the Southeastern Conference the two seasons before his arrival and hadn't enjoyed a winning SEC record in six years.

Georgia improved to 5-11 in conference play his debut season, then went 9-7 in the SEC and 21-12 overall in 2010-11 to earn an NCAA tournament berth.

(Click here for Fox video on his reception from other coaches.)

The Bulldogs reached the NCAAs just once more in his nine seasons at Athens, GA, but he did post a 12-6 SEC record in 2013-14.

(Click here for Fox video on not having limit of scholarship players.)

Asked what it will take to achieve sustained success at Cal, Fox answered by saying the program has to reach that level first, then figure out how to keep it there.

Connor Vanover leaves Cal.

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Fox inherited a UGA roster, with 2 NBA draftees, and took "Felton's roster" to the NCAAs in his second year. The rebuild was needed after his poor recruiting efforts, that led to losing seasons in year 3 and 4,