Cal Basketball Video: Mark Fox on the `New Norm' That is the Transfer Portal

The system allows other schools to recruit players, but a coach cannot woo his own player in the same way

As Justice Sueing and Connor Vanover, who are entered into the NCAA's transfer portal, consider possible new schools, coaches of those programs can approach recruiting them the same way they do high school prospects.

That includes taking them to dinner, allowing other players on the team to entertain them, etc.

But the player's current school is not permitted to court one of his own players in that way. Sueing reportedly has interest in Ohio State while the 7-foot-4 Vanover was expected to make visits to Arkansas and Vanderbilt.

(Click here for a video on Fox's thoughts on Sueing and Vanover.)

New Cal coach Mark Fox calls the transfer portal "the new norm" in college basketball, but during my one-on-one interview with him this week he also explained the disadvantage it creates for a new coach hoping to retain players on the roster he has inherited.

Here's a look at 247Sports' unofficial transfer portal list.

(Click here for a story and video on the exclusive interview with Fox.)