Cal Basketball Video: Mark Fox Plans to Tear Down Bad Habits, Not Players

There were plenty of bad habits from the 2018-19 season that need correcting

So just how with new head coach Mark Fox approach the rebuilding job he has at Cal? Will he discard everything and start from scratch with new rules, new schemes, new teaching methods and new lineups? Or will he try to work within the framework established by Wyking Jones with the existing players and gradually modify things as new players arrive over the next several years.

“We’re not going to tear down young people,” Fox said Monday at his introductory press conference. “We may tear down some habits and rebuild them, but we’re not going to tear down young people.

“I understand we’ve had a couple of tough years. We’re going to use a reflection of those years as a lesson on how to get better. And sometimes you don’t win until you understand why you lose.

(Click here for a video on what Fox will demand from his players.)

“It starts with their individual improvement, and then schematically, after we get to know exactly who they are as players, how we can put those pieces together. Obviously we have to continue to recruit and rebuild, but last year they had a young squad. And young players make mistakes. The great thing is that they get older.”

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It remains to be seen how much different the 2019-20 squad will look from this past season’s group. But you would certainly expect an improvement in fundamental execution.