Cal Basketball Video: Mark Fox Says Players Have Been 'Receptive and Coachable'

During limited workouts they've had so far, Fox said players have been open to anything the staff has thrown at them

Mark Fox and the new Cal basketball coaching staff had the chance to do on-court practice work with their players four or five times during the allowed spring workout window, and Fox came away encouraged by the team's attitude.

“Anytime you do something new, change feels strange. So there’s a learning curve there," he said recently. "They’ve been tremendously receptive and very coachable and open to anything we’ve given them. So I was really pleased with their response. They were eager for someone to wrap their arms around them and let them know what is possible.”

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Fox said the weight lifting program has been reworked and the coaches taught players a few things they will work on at home for several weeks before returning to campus for the summer.

“I think they obviously noticed the change from Day 1 and hopefully we can come back from the summer and take the next step," Fox said.

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