Cal Basketball Video: Mark Fox Won't Be Able To Fix This Mess Overnight

Fans will have to show patience with new Cal coach because the program's repair will take some time

It took two years for the Cal basketball program to unravel.

New coach Mark Fox isn't going to pull off an overnight renovation.

Cal fans are probably wondering what Fox has accomplished in the more than three weeks since he posed with new boss Jim Knowlton at his introductory news conference. More players have left than arrived so far and this figures to take some time. Fox wasn't hired to build a team. He was hired to establish a program.

Will the Bears be night-and-day better a year from now than they were in two seasons under Wyking Jones? Hopefully, but a lot will depend on personnel, and that's an unknown right now.

It's going to require some patience, but Fox's performance as Cal's coach won't be fairly judged for at least a couple seasons.

(Click here for a Jake Curtis video -- fan bases don't like being told to be "patient.")