Cal Women's Basketball: Star of Bears' Selection Party Was Coach's Toddler Son

Jordan did his part to liven up the celebration after the suspense was gone

With the cat already out of the bag because of an ESPN snafu, there was not much suspense left when Cal's selection-show party Monday afternoon. That is when Jordan, the son of Cal coach Lindsay Gottlieb, decided to provide a little live entertainment.

Aided by his mother Jordan led the Cal band as it played on.

Cal already knew by that point that it would be playing North Carolina on Saturday in Waco, Texas, in t first round of the women's NCAA Tournament. If the Bears win that game, they would face No. 1-ranked Baylor on Baylor's home floor on Monday.

Cal is a No. 8 seed and North Carolina is seeded ninth. Both teams had. 500 conference records and finished in the middle of the pack in their respective conference -- the Pac-12 and ACC -- which are probably the best women's basketball conferences in the country. North Carolina went 8-8 in the ACC, and Cal went 9-9 in the Pac-12.

Jordan was not aware of any of this, since he was more concerned with his dance moves. He is a little reluctant at the start of the video, but once he gets warmed up, the action begins in full. The only problem is that the music ended too soon.