Cal Women's Basketball: Strange -- The Fake Surprise

Bears player had to pretend they were seeing their spot in the bracket for the first time

See that reaction by the Cal women's basketball team in the video here? It was staged. Well, not exactly staged, but the players knew who, when and where they were going to play long before Cal's name appeared in the bracket officially revealed on ESPNe Monday afternoon.

Everything about the women's NCAA Tournament selection show was weird. The problem, of course, was that someone at ESPN inadvertently let the women's tournament bracket show up on ESPNU about three hours before the selection show was to air. (No doubt someone will be fired for that gaffe.)

So Cal found out it would be playing North Carolina on Saturday in Waco, Texas, before 2 p.m. Pacific time on Monday. However, the selections were supposed to be announced at 4 p.m., which is when Cal had a celebration scheduled at The Cornerstone in Berkeley.

So to try to replicate the prized team reaction when the players see their name come up on the bracket, the players were told to cheer and be excited when Cal's name did appear, as if they were just finding out. Shortly after 4 p.m., Cal's name was shown on ESPN, and the players produced the raction shown above. They quickly sat down and settled in because the excitement about seeing their name and opponent had already come and gone.

Ah, the NCAA Tournament.