Cal Women's Basketball Video: How to Potentially Impact 1 Million People

Former Cal coach Lindsay Gottlieb hopes her example to send a positive message to many more young women

Part of what Lindsay Gottlieb appreciated about her job of eight years as the Cal women's basketball coach was her ability to impact the players on her team. And not merely in terms of basketball.

At Cal, that involved working with 13 or 14 players each year, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Now, as she begins her job as an assistant coach for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, Gottlieb hopes the opportunity she has been given -- as a woman working in a field traditionally dominated by men -- provides an example to young people nurturing their own lofty dreams.

Gottlieb doesn't deny that landing a job in the NBA quenches her personal ambitions. But it's to her credit -- and an example of why the Cavs likely were attracted to her -- that Gottlieb sees the bigger picture.