Cal Football: Bears' Justin Wilcox Undervalued in CBS Sports' Coaches Rankings

All 65 Power Five conference coaches were ranked

CBS Sports recently ranked all 65 coaches in the five power conferences, and Cal head coach Justin Wilcox did not get a lot of love.

The panel ranked Wilcox 50th, which is ahead of four other Pac-12 coaches, including USC’s Clay Helton. It is also three spots higher than Wilcox ranked last season.

However, Wilcox still seems to be undervalued in these rating.

The article’s author, Tom Fornelli, noted that he placed Wilcox 11 spots higher in his personal ranking.

Wilcox has built a strong defense that could be even better this coming season; the Bears beat eventual Pac-12 champion Washington; and the Bears got into a bowl game. And they did it all without high-level quarterback play.

You would think Wilcox would rank ahead of several of the coaches rated ahead of him.

Here’s is what CBS Sports had to say about Wilcox:

Justin Wilcox: My colleagues did not give Wilcox as much respect as I did, and that's fine. Different strokes for different folks. I had Wilcox at 39 on my ballot, but he comes in at No. 50 overall, which is still a bump up of three spots after going 7-6 and getting Cal to a bowl for the first time since 2015. 2018 rank: 53 (+3).”