Cal Football Video: Can Hawkins Be the Explosive Player Bears Desperately Need?

Offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin talks about the wide receiver after his strong showing Saturday

Cal wide receiver Jeremiah Hawkins was one of the most impressive players during Saturday's Spring Game. Not only did he catch several passes and make moves after the catch, but he was also used on sweeps, much like a running back, as offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin notes in the video.

The Bears were hamstrung on offensive last season because they had no explosive players on offense. Having to trudge down the field on multi-play drives is hard to do. Baldwin says it is imperative to have players who can produce chunk plays; offenses simply cannot be productive these days without them.

It remains to be seen whether Hawkins can be that kind of game-changing player, but he and Nikko Remigio are among the players who might have that kind of potential. Their play was scrutinized during Saturday's Spring Game.

Remigio had 11 receptions for 62 yards as a freshman last season. Hawkins had 16 catches for 177 yards in 2018, and he also ran the ball the ball nine times, but for just 12 yards. He had 25 yards in games, but he also had 13 yards in losses.

Running back Marcel Dancy is another player who could produce big plays. He is likely to get more playing time in the remaining three spring practices after Chris Brown, the presuptive starter at tailback, had to be helped off the field on Saturday after twisting his ankle.