Cal Football Video: Chase Garbers Is Becoming More of a Vocal Leader

Coach Justin Wilcox says the change has been noticeable

Anybody who knows Cal quarterback Chase Garbers knows he is not one to gab. He is to-the-point with his statements, and sparce with his descriptions. But he seemed a little more comfortable in his role as the leader of the offense this spring.

Even during media interviews during the spring he was a lot more expansive with his comments than he was last fall, when one-word answers were the norm. He just seemed more at ease in his position.

Cal coach Justin Wilcox confirmed on Friday that Garbers will be the No. 1 quarterback entering fall camp, and the coach noted after the final day of spring ball that Garbers has become much more of a vocal leader.

"You hear him more," Wilcox said in the video. "You notice him more in those leadership moments when there is an opportunity to right a wrong or correct somebody."

Wilcox noticed Garbers corrected a newcomer on how to perform a stretching exercise earlier in the week.

"Those are little things, but they matter," Wilcox said.

Last fall, Garbers could never be sure of his status as the starting quarterback, as the Bears changed quarterbacks multiple times. In the spring he seemed to assume the role of starting quarterback, and he came out of spring practice as the team's No. 1 quarterback