Cal Football Video: How a Coach Navigates in a Transfer-Happy World

Justin Wilcox explains his philosophy in an era with constant player movement

College athletes are transferring in and out of four-year schools at a rate unheard of just a few years ago.

They don't find what they need at one school, they move on to another. Their coach bolts for a bigger job, they also feel empowered to make a change. They finish their degree with a year of eligibility left, and they do the grad-transfer thing.

It's the way of the world these days, and it's probably about time athletes have the same freedom of movement that coaches always have had.

But it does make life more complicated for coaches, who know that the player they recruited so hard a year or two ago may find a grass-is-greener situation elsewhere if he's not playing. How does a coach handle that? Justin Wilcox explains how he feels about it in the video above.