Cal Football Video: QB Chase Garbers Learning the Subtleties of the Position

Justin Wilcox talks about the advantages of going against the Bears' stong defense

It often takes years for a college quarterback to pick up all the subtleties involved in playing quarterback at the Division I level. As a redshirt freshman in 2018, Chase Garbers had some good moments, but certainly not enough to produce a consistent offense.

He definitely showed progress during the spring workouts, which finished last Friday. He did that work against a good Cal defense, and head coach Justin Wilcox said the first-team offense -- headed by Garbers -- did most of its work against Cal's first-team defense. Obviously practice cannot simulate the pressures and the uncertainties of a game situation, so it remains to be seen whether Garbers' presumed progress will carry over to games. But trying to complete passes against the Bears' talented secondary is a challenging proposition that should help Garbers improve.

In terms of Garbers' effeciency, Wilcox notes in the video, "He did a pretty nice job and he's going against some pretty dang good DBs and linebackers.

"I think you notice that kind of natural progression to where . . . one thing that showed up to me is his eyes were down the field more, even when the pocket was starting to move a little bit . . . things changed in the pocket, still keeping his eyes downfield, and that was noticeable, He was working at that. Those are the little things."

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