Cal Football Video: QB Chase Garbers Talks About Receivers Castles, Hawkins

Cal quarterback liked what he saw of the tight end and wide receiver during the Spring Game

Two players who had good performances in Saturday's Spring Game were tight end McCallan Castles and wide receiver Jeremiah Hawkins.

Those performances were particuarly important because the Bears are looking for players to replace the departed talent at those positions. The top four pass-catchers from last year are no longer on the roster.

Hawkins caught just 16 passes for 177 yards in 2018, but he is the second-leading returning pass-catcher. Jordan Duncan is the top returning receiver with 20 catches for 267 yards last season, but he missed a good portion of the 2018 season with injuries and has participated only sparingly during the spring.

Hawkins is a player who might give the Bears the big-play receiver the Bears lacked last season. Hawkins is also being used as a runner in some situations on sweeps.

The top three receivers at the tight end position last season were Ian Bunting, Ray Hudson and Malik McMorris, but all three are gone. Castles caught just one pass for 15 yards last season as a freshman, but the Bears have great hopes for him. The athletic Castles is already a dangerous receiver, but the Cal coaches want him to be more of a factor as a blocker in the run game.

Garbers noted at the end of the video that he would have preferred that tackling on quarterbacks be live on Saturday. To protect the quarterbacks, defenders were only allowed to touch the quarterback when he ran the ball, but Garbers would like to get some hits.