Cal Football Video: Wilcox Produces Funny Line About Saffell and Funhouse Mirror

Bears offensive lineman Saffell is expected to be a full participant in fall after missing spring practice

Michael Saffell was a starter on Cal's offensive line last season before suffering a lower-body injury in the sixth game that forced him to out the rest of the season. He did not participate in spring ball as he continues to recover from the injury, but head coach Justin Wilcox expects him to be ready go in the fall.

Wilcox had a great observation about Saffell's appearance:

"I tell him this," Wilcox said. "He's like when you go to the funhouse at the carnival, and you look at the mirror, I bet that when Conan O'Brien goes to the funhouse, that's what he sees, is Mike Saffell -- a foot shorter and a foot wider."

Asked whether Saffell is as funny as O'Brien, Wilcox said no, then struggled to find the right words to describe Saffell.

"He's not lacking in personality," Wilcox said.

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The Bears have high expectations for Saffell and their offensive line next season, and there is always hints that sophomore lineman Will Craig could become something special. He is undersized at 270 pounds, but his athleticism suggests big things could be ahead. He played in nine games as a freshman in 2019, but did not make any starts. The presence of Craig and other athletic offensive linemen is part of the reason the Bears so much on screen passes in the spring.

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